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Leviathans Tail :iconwalkingbyself:walkingbyself 4 12
Felaryan Kitsunes
Kitsune are a species of Demi-human common to almost every universe's stories and legends. Many portray them to be foxes with multiple tails or those with humanoid forms covered in head to toe in fur looking much like a fox and then there are those of Kitsune looking like humans with fox ears and tails. Many say that Kitsune are mischievous tricksters with the ability to possess another person's body (mainly that of young lovely women). And have the ability to assume the shape of an elderly man or a young lovely woman. Others claim that Kitsune are wise beings who are the servants to a god or gods. And others say that Kitsune possess power that could be considered similar to that of a gods. Whatever the legends may say about Kitsune that they all share some similarity with another's, even if the two worlds have never met; they still share some of the same ideas about Kitsune. Felarya Kitsune are very much the same as they are different to those myths and legends about them.
Felarya Kit
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Salafeta :iconwalkingbyself:walkingbyself 17 0
Mature content
-CH7- Mazes and Over Grown Pigeons :iconwalkingbyself:walkingbyself 3 2
Falling Pine Naga Clan
Clan Name: Falling Pine Naga Clan
Location: Somewhere along the Torpaline Coast
Clan Size: 20 est. Size varies on number of members that actually stay in the clan's territory and are active members, as most of their members live outside its territory and are not actively apart of it.
Clan Consistency: Giant and normal sized Nagas as well as a few honorary non-Naga members. More normal sized Nagas than giant sized ones, at most there is about five giant Nagas. The clan consists mostly of Storm Nagas and a mix of Arboreal and Terrestrial Nagas and everything other kind in between being a minority.
Purpose: Safety in numbers & provide a safe haven to its members.
Leader(s): The current head of the clan is a Giant Male Naga. The method of choosing a leader for the clan is a guarded secret that the clan doesn't disclose to any outsiders. But it is generally believed that the current head has to step down after a period of only 40 short years until another is chosen.
Disposition: When intera
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Shimmering Sea
Area Name: Shimmering Sea
Danger: Normal
Location on Felarya Map: North-Western portion of the main continent
Islands: Iracal Island; Archipelago of Possibilities;
Point's of interest: Iracal Island; Captonic Bay; Iceilya; Cubiculum Infantium; Vortaga'misory; Crystalline Depths
Cities of note: Coalno'ir; Sichaci; Iceilya
Species of note: Humans; Nekos; Chlaenas; Mermaids; Various minor races
Brief description:
To the north-western edge of the main Felaryan continent is another large body of water which is called the Shimmering Sea. The Shimmering Sea was aptly named for upon looking upon the surface of this large body of water one is treated to the sight of some of the bluest waters in Felarya. From the gentle waves that will gently lap at the sandy shores of Captonic bay to the frigid and freezing shores of the Imoreith Tundra to the fierce crashing waves upon some of the most dangerous coral seas close to Iracal Island the water will always retain its pristine blue color.
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Anatonma Class Battleship
Name: C.N.V. Forgotten Dreams
Class: Anatonma Class Battleship
Displacement: approx. 65,000 tons
Length: approx. 920ft
Beam: approx. 120ft
Draft: approx. 36ft
Propulsion: 1x Treslton Knox Nuclear Genearator (exp.) with a Klipton Co. Containment Field
Speed: 60 kn (70 mph/ 111 kmh) maximum
Range: Unlimited
Compliment(crew): 2,800
Armament: 12x 16-inch Mark 8 cannons
20x 5-inch Mark 17 cannons
40x 51-mm (2 inches) anti-air guns
56x 25-mm (1 inch) anti-air cannons
80x Boclopha Depth Charge stations
20x Rexmore Torpedo launchers
Armor: Sides: 22 inches thick
Decks: 6 inches thick
Submersibles: 1x under belly docking bay
Classified Data:
The Anatonma Class Battleship comes equipped with an Nuclear Magi-tech reactor to increase its propulsion and its efficiency. With a first in containment fields that is being test ran on the first of these ships. Both are a marvel of engineering and magic combined as the containment field works in tandem with the generator. To produce tiny warp gates that
:iconwalkingbyself:walkingbyself 1 6
Salafeta also known as Sala Bio
Name: Salafeta or Sala (for short)
Species/ Race: Naga
Sex: Female
Age: (Calender Age/ Biological Age/ Story Age) 46/ 23/ 21
Height (ground to head): 8ft 6in
Tail Length: 43ft 5in
Hair color: Red with a mix of Blond
Eye color: Light-Green with Teal Turquoise mix
Scale coloration: Top pattern: Stripped pattern resembling that of a Coral Snake. Pattern goes as this: Black Yellow Red Yellow Black repeatedly with each stripe of color being 1ft long.
Bottom Scale Pattern: The center of each large under scale has a Red center that fades into Yellow the closer to the edges you get.
Skin Tone: Light colored skin tone and is lightly covered in freckles across her body.
Misc.: Body is lightly scared even down her tail. With one large scar on her stomach that starts at her waist goes up to her navel at its widest and to the center of her stomach. Her hair is tied back in a pony tail with a few strands in front of her face.
Clothes: Dark-Red or Maroon-Red T-shirt with White lettering across the fr
:iconwalkingbyself:walkingbyself 2 11
Mature content
Leviathan Galaya Bio. :iconwalkingbyself:walkingbyself 14 21
Mature content
-CH6- The Destination :iconwalkingbyself:walkingbyself 3 6
Mature content
-CH5- Happy Twentieth Birthday :iconwalkingbyself:walkingbyself 6 13


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